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Some communities are starting to reject us to be members, and that is understandable, but maybe a little better introductory post is in order.

We are, a website for glee fanfiction. We are aware that there are crazy amounts of livejournal communities for fanfiction in the glee fandom, but at, you can find any pairings, any genres and any categories in one place. No more searching for the specific comms for your glee fic fix!

At gleefic, we have a Choir Room, an area to meet and get to know other fans and authors. It's a great little place to post your fiction, read your fiction, and easily review and respond to those reviews at the click of a mouse.

We also affiliate, so if you want your livejournal community to be promoted, simply see the Affiliate With Us tab at!

I hope this helps clear things up for communities who don't know what we are. Thank you so much, and please check out!

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